Silverlight Libraries Source Code Will Be Available

On January 17 2008, Scott Guthrie announced the availability of .NET Framework Source Code under read-only reference for debugging purposes. That was great news indeed for .NET developers especially for those who had used .NET Reflector. This will solve a lot of debugging mysteries behind the "[External Code]" in the call stack. But hold on a sec, there is greater news for Silverlight developers, the source code of Silverlight libraries will be available as well according to his reply to our comment. I asked him if Silverlight source code could be opened. "Yes - we'll be releasing the source and enabling debugging for the Silverlight libraries as well once they ship." he replied. Although his reply is not an official announcement, it significantly leverages the possibility of having Silverlight source released.
I'm amazed to hear that from Scott Guthrie but at the same time I was wondering how it could be done. As far as I know, there is a ton of unmanaged code in Silverlight libraries. Shape and Transform classes are just managed wrappers on top of the unmanaged code, as somebody in Silverlight team pointed out to me. If the unmanaged code could not be released, we will see only the wrapper code which would not make much sense for debugging. But if it could be released, there might be some concerns over security issues.
What do you think, folks?

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