Remote BLOB Storage – RBS SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 caters for farms with large storage needs. SharePoint 2010 has implemented RBS – Remote Storage BLOB. With RBS, you can store BLOBs from the all_docs table and customised pages in the database stored in different location from the database, such as a file system in your network! This reduces the amount of database storage in SQL. To use RBS, a “provider” is required. The RBS provider architecture is ‘plug n play’ with SharePoint 2010. This means that third-party vendors can create and sell their own RBS provider products commercially with specific capabilities. (idea!).

For example, a third party backup vendor can use an RBS provider as part of their backup and restore capability.

The RBS architecture provides another degree of freedom for the storage of content. Its intention is to be used natively by SharePoint during the upgrade process and by third party vendors that provide storage benefits as a service.

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