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SharePoint 2010 Client Object Models – The ECMAScript library

a managed .NET API for building client applications using a SharePoint object model. a managed Silverlight object model. an object model to be used in Javascript, the ECMAScript library. For developers this is an important step forward. Until now, developing SharePoint applications using an object model was limited to applications running on the server. For client applications we had to rely on web services and the RPC protocols. Using these 3 new models, it will be much easier to create client applications. And the reach of our applications will be bigger, because they are very likely to also run on the new SharePoint Online. The three object models are a limited sub set of the server object model. Most objects, properties and methods of the site collection (SPSite) and it’s underlying structures are available in the new models. In this article I will show you an example of a custom ASPX page that will use the Javascript library. It is a page that runs in the LAYOUTS folder