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Overlapping SSRS Report Items

After converting your SQL Server Reporting Services reports from 2005 to 2008, you may notice a difference in the way the report looks. One possible reason for this difference is the change in the way overlapping report items are rendered. In both SSRS versions, the message in the Output window is similar to: "[rsOverlappingReportItems] The text box ‘Textbox2’ and the text box ‘Textbox1’ overlap. Overlapping report items are not supported in all renderers." In Reporting Services 2005, these textboxes would display in an overlapped fashion, often causing the text within both textboxes to be unreadable. In Reporting Services 2008, however, the second textbox shifts, so that it appears the textboxes are vertically next to each other. This allows you to always read the text in both textboxes. The new overlap rendering functionality is included in the "Soft Page-Break Renderers", including the Report Preview window, HTML, MHTML, Word, and Excel. Taking a look at