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SharePoint 2010 - Modal Pop-Up for a Unique Content Type

To continue the conversation with the modal pop up window, I was asked the following great question: “What if your list has different content types, each having their own form? Is there a way to make this pop-up specific to the form of a certain content type?”The answer is yes it is quite easy to link the pop-up modal window to a unique content type: You would use the same approach but you would add in the Content Type ID to the end of the URL string:<a onclick="javascript:NewItem2(event, &quot;http://sitename/_layouts/listform.aspx?PageType=8&amp;ListId={49E3BDCF-9C06-413D-A7B8-413F2E8F6B0D}&amp;ContentTypeId=0x01005C9243AA25668B4CAACB42C41B0D360600052ECA5C1544864D9F9B7BF90A874A4F&amp;RootFolder=&quot;);
javascript:return false;"

SharePoint 2010 - Ways to extend the SharePoint Modal Window

So in my last post I simply wanted to show an input form in a SharePoint 2010 modal window. This got my creative juices flowing and I wanted to experiment a little. I found out that you can easily display anything in the Modal window that you wanted. Web Site: Bing
<a onclick="javascript:NewItem2(event, &quot;;);
javascript:return false;" href="" target="_self">Show Bing In Modal Window</a>Image
<a onclick="javascript:NewItem2(event, &quot;http://sitename/Images/image.png&quot;);
javascript:return false;" href="/images/image.png/" target="_self">Show Image</a> Video/Games
This does not really work since most video’s open up in a separate application like Window Media Player and not within the browser. However you can use things like flash .swf files to show in the modal window.
<a onclick="javascript:NewItem2(event, &quot;http…

D.I.S.C Kişilik Envanter Testi Sonuçlari–2010 için Yenilenmiştir sitesi üzerinde yapılan kişilik envanter testini doldurduktan sonra aldığım sonuçlar aşağıdaki gibi çıkmıştır. Sizin gerçek hareketleriniz ve davranışlarınızı tespit etme konusunda oldukça başarılı bir test. Benim sizlere tavsiyem 10 dakikanızı ayırıp bu testi doldurmanızdır.•    Girişimci, iş geliştirici, değer katıcıdır.
•    Önemli kararlarda yer almak, lider olmak ister.
•    Sonuç odaklıdır, hızlı karar alır.
•    Sorumluluk taşır, direkt hareket eder ve konuşur.
•    İşbitirici ve otoriterdir; hatta bazen sert ve agresif olabilir.
•    İşleri hızlandırır, kolaylaştırır.
•    Katılımcıdır, göz önünde olmayı, meydan okumayı sever.
•    Fırsatları iyi değerlendirir, rakiplerini karşışına alabilir, rekabetçidir.
•    Başkalarının düşüncelerini önemser son kararı kendisi verir.
•    Olması gerektiği yerde her zaman bulunur.
•    Başkalarının kendisini dinlemesini ister.
•    Konsantrasyonunun kesilmesini istemez. 2009 yılı için h…

SharePoint 2010 - How To: Create Hyperlink to Modal Pop-Up Form

I was asked by a client recently if there was a way to create a hyperlink to a New Item Form anywhere within a site but still get the rich experience of the Modal pop-up window that grays out the background. (Note this is for SharePoint 2010 Only…)I basically took the code directly from the “Add new item” and the “Add Document” link within the list view. What this allows you to do is simply add in the following code to any content editor web part, Master page, or Page Layout in any site collection and display the form to be filled out. The user will get the nice experience of the modal window and not have to navigate away from their current page.This could be used for example a feedback form that is included in the master page so whenever someone wants to give feedback it is always going back to a central list. The only that is required for you to know is the List ID and the site name.Full Code For a List Item:
<a onclick="javascript:NewItem2(event, &quot;http://SiteN…

SharePoint 2010 - How To: Hide Left Side Navigation on Home Page

I was recently asked: "How can I hide the side nav bar on the main homepage layout ?? I want to be able to use the side NAV with in the team site etc etc, but I don't want it on the front page.. " There are a couple of ways to do this in SharePoint 2010. If you are using a non-publishing site you can add a Content Editor Web Part to the page and add the following to the HTML Source.
body #s4-leftpanel
display: none;
margin-left: 0px;
Basically the CSS above hides the left navigation Div, and then sets the content area to not have a left margin. Once you are done, simply modify the web part and hide it on the page. If you are using a publishing site for your homepage simply add the same styles specified above to a custom page layout. That way if you have a need for other pages that do not need the left side navigation you can re-use the page layout.

Visual guide to Windows Live ID authentication with SharePoint 2010 - part 1

Using Windows Live ID as login provider for SharePoint is a really huge thing. It makes the scenario for public facing web sites, extranets etc. much more easier, for instance there is no need to maintain passwords and users in the same degree. For SharePoint 2007 there is no native support for this, so I built a custom Live ID login provider (available at, but SharePoint 2010 has native support for claims based access. And that is what's on the menu for tonight...This post, and the subsequent ones, will show you how to enable Windows Live ID on a SharePoint 2010 farm (SPF or SPS). I will do a visual approach using a lot of screenshots. It has not been an easy path since there are no official guidance on this subject (at the time of this writing), so I'm going to throw in a couple of steps where you can fail miserably while setting it up. Big thanks to Paul Schaeflein who also walked the hard path and took some hits to get this to work! Although ther…

SharePoint 2010 - Customizing and branding the wiki pages for a Team Site

I am examining the SharePoint 2010 architecture in order to find the best ways to customize the Wiki Pages of a Team Site. In this post we will focus on two kinds of elements: The SharePoint 2010 Ribbon and how are populated the Styles and Markup Styles Menu Some of the SharePoint 2010 templates, including the v4.master Master Page and the Team Site Wiki Page Template, wkpstd.aspxImportant: do not mistake a Wiki Page of a Team Site for a Wiki Page of an Enterprise Wiki. They are totally different since an Entreprise Wiki is a kind of publishing site, and a Wiki Page of an Enterprise Wiki can be based on different Wiki Page Templates.

In this post, I am examining the Wiki Pages for a Team Site so that this information can be used for SharePoint foundation 2010.

For more information about Enterprise Wiki:

Enterprise Wikis overview (SharePoint Server 2010)
ContentTypeId.EnterpriseWikiPage Property
SPC: Customizing Enterprise Wikis in SharePoint 2010 with Gail Jacoby & Ted Pa…